An intimate journey that seeks to uncover the answer:

What is the one thing we all need to have a better quality of life?

What should we focus on to bring us an unbridled sense of achievement and fulfillment – without material success? Should we chase a life that is grand and abundant, or humble and simple? Can we do both…

Worth: Purpose Beyond Ambition by Erik Kikuchi is more than a travelogue that answers these questions.

Erik began his journey when his “perfect” life crashed and burned after hitting a breaking point in his pursuit of success, which included the loss of his home, the sale of his business, and getting a divorce.

With no compass to guide him on where to go and repeatedly questioning his own value and happiness, he decided to pursue the answer to the question: What is the one thing that all children need to have a better life? To begin this, he left everything he had behind and headed to work and serve with abandoned and impoverish children in South America.

What he discovered is that the greatest poverty one can experience lies not in the absence of food, shelter and material things but within our own mind, hearts, and hands. And what all children (and all of us) most need is to truly understand and believe that we all have an unharnessed intrinsic worth, one that can never be seen or owned.

Join Erik as he takes you through a journey and intimate experience as he begins to unfold the worthiness, gifts, and purpose of those who are seemingly poor, abandoned, and labeled too unfit to contribute to society. This book is for the underdogs, the ones seeking answers in success, and those in search of hope and purpose, even when surrounded by despair.

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“It’s not important what you do or what you have accomplished. It’s important to be in touch with what your heart hungers for. What fulfills you in your life, what drives you to experience more of the greatness you already have within you.”
Erik Kikuchi

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