CEO Gathers Worldwide Business Leaders to Solve the World’s Biggest Challenges


Wealthy Business Leaders Will Join Forces and Finance Projects to Make a Difference

Ontario, Canada (January 20, 2020) – Erik Kikuchi, who is well known for his prior work as the President of Diva International Inc. (producer of The DivaCup), started an organization for CEOs and leaders with high net worth and ultra-high net worth to solve the world’s biggest challenges. It’s called POP962. POP stands for Presidents on Purpose. “There’s so much talk about corporate social responsibility. As leaders, we need to put action behind the talk and lead by example,” said Kikuchi. The 962 represents Bible verse Luke 9:62 which encouraged the business leader to continue and expand his efforts to make a difference around the globe.

From the Shelter to the C Suite
Kikuchi had a tumultuous childhood. After his parents divorced, he was often homeless. He slept in hotels, shelters and even public parks. He said, “Through these experiences I developed compassion, but to me that is so much more than just feeling bad for someone. I cultivated a true sense of compassion that drove me to take meaningful difference-making action.”  

In his early 20s, Kikuchi founded his first of three successful companies. He later became a well-respected speaker, CEO advisor and headed up Diva International. Throughout his corporate successes, he did charity work in South America. Now, he focuses all his time and effort on his charitable initiatives and he’s inviting other business leaders to help make a difference. “We can challenge the impossible if we do it together,” he emphasized.

How POP962 Works
Kikuchi is recruiting for two groups. First is ‘GROUP GLOBAL’ which consists of 18 business leaders from across the globe who command $10 million++ (USD) in net worth. The second is ‘GROUP AMERICAS’ which consists of 18 business leaders (from the Americas) whom command $5+ million (USD) in net worth.

The annual membership fee of $25,000 for either group and in addition, members and/or their corporations are to contribute at least $25,000 (for Group Americas) and $50,000 (for Group Global) towards their groups humanitarian projects. From there, each group will form its own charitable foundation which chooses its own projects and charitable activities.

Participants will tackle problems like poverty, access to clean water, refugee crises and eliminating slavery. “These groups will include some of the world’s greatest problem solvers. A collaboration featuring leaders from diverse backgrounds is sure to have a meaningful impact across a wide spectrum of social issues,” said Kikuchi.

Want to Help?
If you are a business leader who wants to help or you would like to nominate a business leader who can make a difference, fill out this form at

Need Help?
Do you know of a challenge that POP962 should tackle? Submit your idea to

About POP962
POP962 is a non-profit organization in which ultra-high net worth and high net worth business leaders from around the world join to find and implement solutions to global problems. For more information visit


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What he discovered is that the greatest poverty one can experience lies not in the absence of food, shelter and material things but within our own mind, hearts, and hands. And what all children (and all of us) most need is to truly understand and believe that we all have an unharnessed intrinsic worth, one that can never be seen or owned.

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“It’s not important what you do or what you have accomplished. It’s important to be in touch with what your heart hungers for. What fulfills you in your life, what drives you to experience more of the greatness you already have within you.”
Erik Kikuchi