Strengthening a CEOs global acumen

Having a trusted peer group from various cities/countries, industries, and marketplaces is invaluable for a leader’s acumen and journey. Learning from real-world and varied experience in the room unveils new approaches and possible better pathways towards long-standing or immediate objectives. This powerful peer perspective could help even the most influential of leaders to make even wiser decisions or avoid the most costly of blind spots.


To create an unprecedented learning environment and idea exchange – greater diversity, trust, and vulnerability are needed within our inner circles. Not only to solve the unsolvable for the greater good but to also make better quality decisions for ourselves, our families, and organizations.


Each POP962 group consists of 14-18 members, each representing a different country to assemble a powerful and unique brotherhood/sisterhood of diverse perspectives, knowledge, and skillsets on a foundation of purpose-driven values.


Members come together 4 times a year for 3-4 transformational days. Each member alternates hosting group meetings in their country of origin allowing members to learn more about one another’s organizations, their cultures, opportunities, and more. Day one focuses on leadership, day two focuses on prosperity, and our speaker presentation/workshop. Day three to four focuses on the group’s humanitarian and projects and initiatives.

POP962 is a place where the world comes together
with aligned values and trust is paramount.
Where they find strength in diversity.

Humanitarian Initiatives

Each group has an option to collectively choose and support a humanitarian initiative. These can be within the UN’s strategic development goals or independent initiatives. Tackling problems such as poverty, access to clean water, refugee crises and the elimination of slavery to name a few.