Welcome to POP962

Advancing business leaders and CEOs are facing deepening and exponential pressures to ‘outperform’. Demands to reinvent and evolve though a vastly disruptive global environment is embraced by the elite few. With this, trusted global collaboration is paramount to strengthen position, performance, and future growth.

Membership Benefits

1. Trusted International Advisory

Members come together 2-4 times per year in their confidential peer group with tailored and facilitated agendas based on their needs and dynamics to share ideas, solve problems, and support each other with greater accountability.

2. Increased Global Acumen

Members further their decision-making skills through the Case Study Method. Pioneered by Harvard Business School, members explore the challenges opportunities and decisions facing leading and emerging companies worldwide.

3. Leveraging Tiger Teams

A member’s most profound challenge is brought forth in a dynamic session with invited specialists – to help manage technical deployments, solve complex issues, and propose actionable solutions.

4. Powerful Resource Network

Whether seeking specialized advice, or support with insights, extended networks, or resources in another city and country, A POP962 chair can also assist their group members to connect with other members in other groups across continents.

5. Humanitarian Initiatives

Each group has an option to collectively choose and support a humanitarian initiative – each year. Tackling problems such as poverty, access to clean water, refugee crises and the elimination of slavery to name a few.

“Our meeting and content were thoughtfully prepared. The issues and case study was on spot and was an excellent opportunity to both offer and receive help from other inspirational and brilliant people.”

– Nicolas del Granado